While the AI, Data, and Robotics Forum (ADRF) covers an extensive array of topics, this year's edition will place special emphasis on "European Generative AI for European society and industry." The event will delve into the transformative potential of this technology, exploring the impact of Foundation Models, such as Dalle-e and MidJourney, in generating images from text, and ChatGPT built on GPTx LLMs. These advancements have reached a level of maturity that has led to their public releases, marking a crucial coming-of-age moment for the industry.

Unveiling the transformative potential: exploring foundation models in Generative AI

During the two-day forum, we will thoroughly examine the challenges and strategic opportunities that this remarkable progress presents to European companies in the ADR ecosystem and beyond. While we hold high hopes for addressing various societal and environmental challenges, we also acknowledge that these technologies may evoke certain fears. As we navigate this landscape, we must be mindful of preserving our European values of democracy and human rights, and address any potential risks that may arise.

Join us at ADRF as we engage in insightful discussions and exchange ideas on European Generative AI. Together, we will foster responsible innovation and explore the limitless possibilities of this technology while safeguarding our shared values for a prosperous future.