1 – Regulation and innovation: two crucial components 

Regulation should be considered a European strength. It ensures the safe and responsible use of AI and brings opportunities for European technology and science. Innovation based on European values in the fields of AI, Data and Robotics must also be developed and promoted. 

2 – A formula for European Generative AI to succeed 

Data, computing power, AI talent and money must be considered quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Resource efficiency is critical, and requires us to make technology more frugal, clever and scalable. But we need to act fast; the European strategic autonomy is at stake! 

3 – Keep a positive attitude 

A positive narrative is key to bring ADR technologies to European society, and to encourage investment in training, education and awareness. AI is general purpose technology that has profound impact on nearly all facets of industry and society. Closer collaboration with other sciences, notably the social sciences and humanities, is necessary. We must ensure the presence of a European market and consumers that are ready and prepared to use tech products and services safely and securely. 

4 - Adra and the ADR moonshot 

Europe can still play a leading role in the international tech race, but we need to start pulling in the same direction and to think big. We must break down siloes between stakeholder communities, invest in science and technology, and develop a big European project, a moonshot to develop and deploy trustworthy, safe, responsible and green ADR technologies. 

Adra fills an existing gap in the European ADR ecosystem and we want you to be a part of it -- Join us today!