Jérôme Monceaux

Jérôme Monceaux

CEO and founder

Enchanted Tools

Jérôme Monceaux is an engineer, multi-entrepreneur, co-founder of Aldébaran and co-designer of the Pepper and Nao robots. 

He is also CEO and Co-founder of Spoon, founded in 2015 to address the problem of natural interaction and "the appearance of life" in machines. By designing interactive animated characters, the company pushes the boundaries of the human-machine relationship, making it instinctive and empathetic. SPooN deploys its marvelous creatures, called Spoonies, in the automotive, public spaces and web/app sectors. 

In 2021 Jérôme Monceaux founded Enchanted Tools, which creates character robots called Mirokaï. These robots combine different technologies such as 3D animation, AI, robotics, mathematics and psychology. By giving synthetic characters the appearance of life, Enchanted Tools makes them useful in everyday life, for better technology and an enchanted world.